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The goal of this website is to provide citizens the basic information needed to access the voting process. I believe the strength of the electoral process stems from an informed and engaged citizenry. Thus, as Chief Elections Officer of Harris County, I strongly encourage all qualified citizens to exercise their right to vote.
-Stan Stanart
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Next Election: May 7, 2016 - Special Election for SRD 139 Vacancy and Uniform Elections
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Find Your Poll and View Voter Specific Ballot
For elections which are conducted by the Harris County Clerk’s Office, the Election Day polls are posted on this website as soon as the list is available.

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Early Voting
Early Voting By Personal Appearance
Harris County’s registered voters may choose to vote prior to Election Day during the early voting period at any one of the Harris County early voting sites.

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Voting By Mail
Voting By Mail
An application for a ballot by mail may be submitted at any time in the year of the election for which a ballot is requested, but not later than the close of regular business in the early voting clerk's office or 12 noon, whichever is later, on the 11th day before election day unless that day is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal state or national holiday, in which case the last day is the first preceding regular business day.

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Militart & Overseas Voters
Military and Overseas Voters
Eligible Military Personnel, Spouses or Dependents of the Military, and Civilians Overseas now have the ability to complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) online.

Military and Overseas Voters, Please Click Here

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